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We aim to provide our clients with a wide range of IT solutions, enabling their businesses to function smoothly. We can provide tailored cost saving or bleeding edge technology for any sized business. 

IT Management

Onsite daily / weekly or remote support to suit your business requirements. Outsourcing IT services is a great cost saving.

Cloud Services

O365, Azure and Amazon Web Services. Having your IT Infrastructure in the cloud can be daunting. We are here to help. 

IT Security & Backup

Ensuring your IT infrastructure and devices are secure is of upmost importance. Prevention of data loss is key to any business.

Website Development

Whether you need to make changes to an existing site or an entire make-over, our engineers can build it.

IT Consultancy

Is your business growing or looking to provide other services or products, we can plan and deliver the technology platforms

Network Management

Ensuring your IT infrastructure and devices are secure is of upmost importance. Prevention of data loss is key to any business.

VoIP & Internet

CCTV & Access control

Looking for faster internet? Is your telephone system becoming expensive or do you require more functionality? We have many options available to meet your needs

Do you have property?

Do you need to manage the access to buildings and  certain areas? Are you concerned what is going on at a remote location?

Then speak to us about our range of CCTV & Access Control services

Business Value
Portfolio Assessment & Review
Annual technology assesment verus trends and opportunites
Helps align the technology strategy with the business goals and objectives.
Remote Desktop Support
Access to email and phone support for prompt resolution of issues
Maximises user productivity through increased technology availability.
Essential Network Management
Baseline firewall configuration and network monitoring to ensure a functional network
Enables a high security and networking posture against threat actors.
Cloud Management
M365 management and anti-virus/anti-malware solutions to secure your digital assets
Scales with your business goals and objectives.
Performance Analytics
Receive a monthly report to understand your IT performance and areas of improvement
Supports continuous improvement to maximise technology and delivery assets.
Compliance Management
Standard guidance on GDPR, Cyber Essentials to ensure legal obligations are met
Keeps the estate secure against threat actors.
On-site Support
Adhoc support visits to address critical issues and transfer essential site knowledge
Maximises user productivity through increased technology availability.
Technical Consultancy
Access to a dedicated IT representative familiar with your industry, ensuring personalised and informed support*
Future proofs the technology estate in line with business goals and objectives.
Enhanced Network Management
Network segmentation and Wi-Fi management for improved efficiency and reduced costs
Maximises your network topology to meet the requirements of your business, in an ever changing world.
Cloud Security Suite
M365 backup, secure password manager, and mail filtering for a comprehensive security approach
Enhanced security suite providing data insights that inform next step decision making.
Quarterly Performance Review
Regular service reviews to provide insight into new technology and to ensure alignment with business objectives
Validates technology progress against leading indictors, aligned to the business plan.
On-site Support Plus
Dedicated IT representative on-site to provide real-time support and ensure a secure and robust IT environment
Maximises user productivity through increased technology availability.
Access to CTO/IT Director level expertise for strategic IT planning and project management
Aligns the technology strategy with the business goals and objectives.
Advanced Cloud Management
In-depth cloud services management and advanced network support for optimal performance and security
Next level maturity, delivering improved data insights and estate performance.
IT Procurement
Professional guidance on IT procurement to ensure you are adequately covered and benefit from quality products and services
Cheaper overall IT estate cost of ownership through an expanded supply chain.
Invitations to social events, product/service previews, and other engagement opportunities for a closer rapport with IT Remedies
Get ahead of the pack and lead through technology innovation.
Comprehensive security review to ensure both ours and your environments meet the highest security standards
Guard your business against threat actors, who are adapting every day.

We also offer a Bespoke service to align closer with your specific business needs

Our Partners

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Working relationships with clients spanning over a decade

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