Just read a great article placed in the Financial Times about small businesses that rely on their staffs skills maybe a bit to much just because they showed a bit of initiative and  set up email accounts and update the company website, whilst not having the full technology picture and exposing their clients and the business to greater risks, thus becoming the “Accidental IT Guy or Gal”.  The article also mentions the Spiceworks community which we are part of thus enabling our customers to tap into a wider knowledge pool.

No one idividual or comapny knows everything, that’s why we collaborate and listen to our peers in order that our clients get value for money and a top class service

We realise we all need to work smarter and keep an eye on costs; which is why we offer a range of packages to manage IT costs and keep your business running efficiently and your customers safe.  So if you have or are the “Accidental IT Guy or Gal” in your company then get in touch via our Contact page or call 0845 094 04 94